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Natalya Trisha, Founder & Art Director of N-Design Creative

Jeff Damiano, Creative Director & Brand Strategist of N-Design


Awesome creative chemistry? Sure, you can call it that. Married in 2004 and collaborating in just about everything since.


Natasha started her studio, N-Design Creative, to bring her classical art studies into the wonderful world of computer graphics & package design. Jeff was already having the time of his life as Senior Creative Director with the Apple & Eve Juice company innovating new products and driving the brand identity through package design.


It was natural fit that N-Design Creative would become a huge part of the creative process for Jeff and Apple & Eve. After all, when you sit around the dinner table discussing exciting new products, design challenges and retail presentations over a glass of wine, sparks fly and creative things happen!


Please browse through the N-Design Creative portfolio and see the results of an awesome creative & collaborative team chemistry...with  a whole lotta love in the process. ;)

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